Proposition A - Street and Roadway Improvements


Shall the City Council of the City of Saginaw, Texas, be authorized to issue and sell the bonds of said City, in one or more series or issues, in the aggregate principal amount of $37,550,000 for the purpose of designing, constructing, reconstructing, improving, extending, expanding, upgrading and developing streets, roads, sidewalks, thoroughfares and related improvements in the City, including pedestrian right of ways, related drainage, utility relocation, signalization, landscaping, lighting, and signage.


Cost Estimates

Estimated Funding Fiscal Year

Knowles Drive - Phase 1

(Edwards to Woodcrest. Intersection Improvement at WJ Boaz)

Knowles-McLeroy Blvd Intersection

Knowles-McLeroy Blvd Intersection Improvement including eliminating the low-water crossing on West McLeroy Blvd.

Knowles Drive - Phase 2
Woodcrest to McLeroy Blvd
Knowles Drive - Phase 3
McLeroy Blvd to Longhorn Dr.
West McLeroy Blvd - Phase 3
Saginaw Blvd to Knowles
West McLeroy Blvd - Phase 4
Knowles to Old Decatur Rd.



NOTE:  Some street projects may be eligible for matching funding through the Tarrant County Transportation Bond Program (November 2021)