Parks Advisory Board


The Parks Advisory Board is responsible for determining how funds received through voluntary donation on the utility bill are spent. For more information, contact the Director of Public Works at 817-230-0449.


  • Every other month on the Third Monday (January, March, May, July, September, November) at 6:00 PM
  • Saginaw City Hall, 333 W. McLeroy Boulevard, Saginaw, TX 76179


Agendas are available prior to board meetings.
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Board Members

MemberPlaceTerm Expiration Date
VacantPlace OneMay 2023
Janelle YoungPlace TwoMay 2024
Brandi CoblePlace ThreeMay 2023
Wayne GilesPlace FourMay 2024
Brack St. ClairPlace FiveMay 2023
Ronda NybergPlace SixMay 2024
Thomas WeaverPlace SevenMay 2023
Jane LyonFirst AlternateMay 2023
VacantSecond AlternateMay 2024

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