May I print a document in color off of the computers?
Yes, the library has color printers. Printing is 25 cents per page.

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1. I do not live in the City of Saginaw, may I still check out materials?
2. Does the library have wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access?
3. Can I place a Hold for an item either from another library in the consortium or one that is currently checked out from the Saginaw library?
4. What do I need to bring in to get a library card?
5. How many items may I check out from the library?
6. How long may I check out items from the library?
7. May I renew my items if I still need them?
8. I forgot to return the items I checked out by the due date. What are the overdue fine charges?
9. I lost a library item. What are the library's replacement costs?
10. Does the library have computers with internet access and/or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access)?
11. May I print a document in color off of the computers?
12. I need to send a fax. Does the library have a fax machine I can use?
13. Are tax forms available inside the library?